What did I need to install WordPress?

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Do you have the need and desire to create a web page or blog? WordPress is undoubtedly the best choice to do it by yourself because is the best free platform and is easy to use. Many people do not know anything about Internet or software and believe that creating a web page is very complicated and can only be done with complicated codes or hiring a programmer.

Others know something about WordPress, but only know the free WordPress.com version for creating blogs, not the platform to manage professional and personal websites.

The best choice for your web

WordPress is the best choice for you web. You can also be used in professional web sites. Many believe that with WordPress you can only create a blog, but with WordPress.ORG, you can design and create different kinds of web pages, from online stores, to advertisement purposes or photo sites. There are more than 8 types of web pages that you can create with WordPress.

Requirements for WordPress

WordPress.com, the free service, is good but if you want something really of quality and professional, WordPress.ORG (the downloadable platform) is what you really need and what will give you excellent results.

To achieve the full potential of WordPress you'll need to have the following requirements:

1. A domain

A domain name is very important to identify the web. It is what will make unique your site and give you some kind of identity among all other web sites that exist on the World Wide Web.

Buy a domain is very simple, the main subject is thinking and analyze the name that you will choose, which will depend on your goals and the type of web page that you want to create.

If it is for your business or company, your domain would be the primary name of the company; if it is a personal blog can be yourname.com or you might want to invent a new brand or branding for a new project. All up to you. Be creative to find a good name, easy to remember, short and memorable.

You can buy a domain from many suppliers. GoDaddy or Namecheap are two quality recommended options. And has an approximate cost of $ 10 USD. 

2. A web hosting account

Just like having a domain is essential, so is having a web hosting. That service is what will allow you to have your active information on the Internet and millions of users can see and access to your web site.

In addition to hosting, your account will allow you to host all domains that you want, create email accounts, install WordPress and/or other different platforms (such as Joomla, Simple Machines, etc.), have an FTP account and many other things.

There are many providers of Web hosting service. The most recommended are Hostgator, which combines quality and a great price.

Once you have your domain and hosting account, you can install WordPress and start getting the most out of all the potential. Go and have your website now!