The first step: create a custom page in WordPress

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When we install WordPress, the initial configuration offers a designed for the home page and a welcome post. As you may already know, the main objective of the platform has always been the creation of blogs, however, as the years have passed, functionalities and upgrades have enabled users to create any type of web page.

When we use WordPress to create a website, it is normal that one of our main requirements is that the home page is not the latest blog entries as it comes pre-configured.vAnd you need to personalize the home page. 

This it is a very simple process and to begin, you must enter to your main desktop in WordPress, click on Pages section and “Add New”.

This page will be the start of your website. You can add the appropriate content, include images, videos, or any other content that you want.

Since you're done and published your homepage, it's time to make the adjustment to improve the home page. 

In your Desktop, login to Settings> Reading.  In the first option says “front page displayed”, choose the option that says "A static page". Then choose the page you created in Home. And for the blog section we recommend creating a page named "Blog" and put it as "Page Entries".

After making this simple adjustment, your home page will be the one you created.

A very simple modification and useful for any kind of need. It is possible that by creating your home page you can use a special template, or pick one of the free templates that offer WordPress.

Try to make the most of all design options that give you your theme to create an attractive home page with good graphics, images and structure. Remember that is the first thing your visitors see and decide if they stay on your site or abandon it forever.

Keep visiting the Advanced WordPress blog for more tutorials, guides and tips so you can make the most of this wonderful and useful Web platform.