Five free WordPress plugins to have in mind

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In WordPress there are too many plugins and often you do not have the time to analyze and investigate all. So here we select 5 free plugins that can help you find tools that might be useful to your blog or website.

This compilation is not an arbitrary selection, but responds to a specific topic: free and useful plugins.


This plugin automatically reduces the size of images (its resolution in pixels) to reasonable limits for a "normal" use on the web, and limits are configurable by the user.

This idea basically reflects the fact that many people uploading high-resolution images that were taken with a mobile phone or digital camera, without previously reducing the size.

That means that can be in your website images with a resolution of 10 million pixels or more, with the consequent waste of space on your hosting and slow loading if displayed in full size.

There are few cases in which it forces the user to level up the hosting plan without any real need because just waste your space this way.

Except in very special occasions where you want to make available to readers expressly high-resolution images, this makes no sense.

For a normal blog, dimensions around 1 million pixels (1 megapixel) should be the limit, and an image with 1280 × 720 pixels corresponds to a high-definition resolution.

Therefore, this plugin is basically what makes is scale images up to the maximum dimensions set by the user, thus saving space on the server. Moreover, Imsanity can also process existing images and optimize the space you are currently consuming.

Fastest Cache

When we talk about caches for WordPress, always two great plugins are mentioned: W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache, leading their niche completely leaving far behind the rest.

Both are excellent plugins and if you use them and are satisfied, perfect. But Fastest Cache is a plugin that is competing strongly with these two established cache plugins.

The plugin has a clean configuration, better organized and easier to understand, which in my opinion has effectively achieved.

It also includes "minify" and “combine" functionality of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, that the other plugins not includes. And also beats them in features as support for GZIP compression and caching via browser.


Only in the official list, there are thousands of WordPress themes available. But often it is recommended that if you do not want to buy a premium theme, instead of using a free theme, is better to use one of the default themes from

But the common problem with most of them is that, as they come, often remain a bit poor and do not offer visual customization options to change their appearance and the only choice is customize programming CSS style sheets, something that most users can not do.

And Styles is a great solution to that problem. because it creates a very simple visual interface, and you can customize the theme as you want with CSS.

Plugins Garbage Collector

Plugins Garbage Collector plugin is a simple plugin that scans the tables of your WordPress installation to detect tables and fields that do not belong to the "core" of WordPress.

There is nothing wrong with the fact that a plugin adds a table to your WordPress installation, but the problem is that after uninstalling the plugin in question, many times these tables and fields are not eliminated and "orphan" object remain and become trash.

Plugins Garbage Collector helps you to detect this type of tables and fields to keep your database clean of garbage.

Admin Page Framework

The last plugin is a special case because it is a plugin for developers of plugins and themes for WordPress.

If you have some knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP is relatively easy to make WordPress plugins. I, for example, I've done a few of them to this blog.

What is often much more cumbersome to create are the pages of configuration options more than the functionality of the plugin itself. And that's just what solves this plugin.

Admin Page Framework, as its name says, is a framework, a framework that significantly simplifies that tedious task and, therefore, is extremely useful in practice.

If you look at the screenshots page, you'll see the impressive number of elements that can easily be created with this framework in the pages of options for your plugin or theme.

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Shortpixel, a WordPress plugin to downsize images

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One of the main concerns regarding images in websites is how to use quality images without consuming other resources like space. Also, big images can make your website slow and heavy. But there are plugins we can use to reduce the size of images without loosing quality.

Shortpixel is an app that greatly reduces the weight of all images on our site, and if you use WordPress you can install the plugins easily. Also, you have the option of testing before to see if the result is worth it. Shortpixel reduces the size of an image until it finds a good balance between KB and quality loss so that visitors do not perceive the difference, but the website load faster and the server will have to deliver fewer data.

Many websites do not consider that big and high-quality pictures may cause slow loading, especially when navigating through mobile devices. And if the user can not see the images or take a long time to display, decides to leave the page and continue the search the information on others websites that allow him to view content quickly.

The application is free for anyone who does not have many images that optimize (100 images per month) and pricing plan for large sites, and comes in two modes: single payment to optimize all content (50,000 pictures optimized for 29,99 dollars for example), and monthly payment for which can be optimized constantly (5,000 images per month at 4,99 dollars).

You can check the plans in the website and see what is convenient for you and your companie. And check the one-time plans, good options for big photo websites.

In a reality in which mobile devices are growing in a number of hits, the weight of a web page is important, and a plugin that can eliminate 20% of the weight of the pictures and optimizes pages always seems like a good idea.

Shortpixel supports many formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF, thumbnails and featured images. Also, can do CMYK to RGB conversion. The plugin saves in a backup folder the originals in case if you need to restore any of them and there is no file size limit.

This plugin also is compatible with others like WooCommerce, offers online support 24 hours and an optimization report every 40 days with statistics. 

A few weeks ago Shortpixel presented a new version, 3.3.0 with a function: Re-Optimization. This feature is added to Media Library to make more easier for optimizing images or pictures in your Backup folder. The new function works with the original files and helps you to optimize your old images if you want to make some changes in them. Also works with the bulk optimization option. 

Is a safeguard for any developer that an interesting and useful application like Shortpixel is within the WordPress plugins list, and that ensures security, usability, and compatibility. So, if you are working with WordPress and you are looking for a plugin to compress pictures and images, Shortpixel is the plugin for you.

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Save time and improve your performance with Quick and Easy FAQs

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When developers and programmers begin to project and organize a website, it begins a process that involves different areas, which are usually integrated into the final stages of the project, although some are incorporated when all the tests are done and the website is approved.

Many times in the maelstrom of programming, development and design, the general contents of the web are left in the last, on the “To do later” list. Many argue that the texts and the contents of the structure of the web must be ready before starting to develop the project, while others argue they have to be attended when the web no longer present faults, in good condition to be navigated and without bugs.

One of these forgotten or relegated content items to the last is the frequently asked questions page (FAQ). This information reflecting the goal of the website, but in the first phase of your project can be relegated. 

The basic method to include FAQ to your website is create a post (or page) and your content writer will make the list of frequently asked questions that users can be made of your products or services. And this option is not bad, but technology offers others effective solutions.

But there is a solution for those that relegates FAQ on the last stage of the project. If you choose to work with WordPress, you should know by now that are dozens of plugins that can help you with the website. One of the WordPress plugins and the most used by developers and programmers is Quick and Easy FAQs.

The only task that your content writer must do is write the question in a custom post type. With the Quick and Easy FAQs plugin, the format and presentation will be done in a minute. Quick and Easy FAQs for WordPress offers many functionalities, use shortcodes and support Right to Left Language (RLT).

To install the Quick and Easy FAQs plugin for WordPress you have to add the plugin in the Plugins section in your WordPress, activate it and go to settings to select another option, to change the appearance of colors and fonts, or the display order.

WordPress offers others plugins like Quick and Easy FAQs, and you can try all of them in your website, such as Easy FAQs, Ultimate FAQ, WP responsive FAQ with category plugin, Spider FAQ, FAQ Concertina, Faq in minute or WP Awesome FAQ Plugin.

To create a website with WordPress is always an advantage, because the platform has plugins of all that you can need. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new features and try something new, is fun and easy and you will find support 24 hours.

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Email marketing works and Mailchimp can be your best friend

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What are you going to use to send an email marketing campaign? A regular e-mail account or a tool with statistics and themes for your messages? Both questions should have the same answer: Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is a special plugin for WordPress, a big help for developers, marketers, and designers, but also for editors because is not only a powerful tool to get new subscribers, but a great form of send messages to potential clients with clean and clears templates.

Email marketing works, a newsletter can be a digital channel with a great impact and these days everyone has an email account before open up a social networking profile, people already has created an email account. An email is a strong tool for communication.

And if you want to promote your products or services on the web, email marketing is a must stop on your road map. And a simple but complete WordPress plugin like Mailchimp can make the difference.

Newsletters and email marketing generate visits to your blog and attract quality traffic, give a “good atmosphere” marketing through virtual mail, deliver interest information to your subscribers with just one click; build trust through high-quality content and sell your or services in an automated manner while enjoying a day with the family.

And with MailChimp, a bulk mailing service  you will be able to create registration forms on your blog or website, manage more than one mailing list, customize each message that you send to your subscribers, send email marketing campaigns and shipping design templates.

MailChimp offers A / B testing by sending two similar campaigns, to see which has better acceptance; measure the results of your campaigns and draw your own conclusions. And you can also make viral content.

Like others WordPress plugins, MailChimp can be installed on your website with a few steps. In the website,,  you can see and find a plan for you. They offer 3 plans for websites and users: Starting Up, Growing Business and Pro Marketer. The first plan is free, Growing Business cost 25 dollars per month and the Pro Marketer 199 dollars for only one time plus 25 dollars per month. 

It is clear, if you want to sell your products online, you have to include this tool on your page, reach to your readers, attract potential customers and make viral your ideas!

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My first experience with WordPress

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When we talk about web pages often we think of large companies that hire teams of designers, programmers, writers, developers and technicians who keep their website secure, online and updated. Rarely we think about blogs made by anonymous users who choose to use their time to update their sites with news, thoughts, pictures, poems or his own creations to share with the rest of the world knows.

But the truth is that most internet sites are made by people who know a little about web programming and they learn much through other sites, they consult with more experienced people and for more complicated issues, goes to friends to help them to solve problems if it is presented.

And for those people, staying informed through The Internet, it is very important. And is a daily job. Not everyone can attend special lectures and web training about programming and others related issues. That is why, for those people, it is almost an obligation to be informed about websites. And that is my case. I started with a blog and now I have my own online company about content on the web.

When I started to know the Internet and see what's going on in the World Wide Web, in early’s 2000, there were a few tools available and accessible for people like me, until Blogger appeared on the scene. Thanks to this service, the first blogging platform, I could take my first steps on the Internet, I have the chance to know the language, how to modify a template, how to add a plugin, etc, but everything in a very basic way. Until WordPress make his entrance in the web.

First, I search as many information I could find at that time, and thanks to the free service of WordPress,, I have the opportunity to have an online blog with fun, modern designs and easy to use and modify to my taste. There I learn about WordPress themes and what difference did exists with WordPress templates and other features that the platform offered for free.

But later, with the professionalization of the websites, I moved to, the paid version, and I could add others plugins with functionality that previously seemed unattainable. WordPress plugins helped me to include t surveys, photo galleries, my timeline of Twitter, and give me the possibility to put buttons to share my content directly on social networks, improved my web like a professional. Since then, the platform has grown increasingly and there are many more tools provided.

Today there are specialized websites in WordPress, and in all its aspects. Put in Google the name of the platform and you will see millions of websites in the search: WordPress themes, WordPress templates, WordPress plugins and WordPress tutorials, among others, appears to your eyes.

Thousands of websites offer specials features for WordPress, and there are an unlimited amount of WordPress themes and WordPress templates for free on the Internet. 

Now I can proudly say that I’m one of the many people that adopt this platform when gives his first steps, and I will continue to use it for much more years.

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Best WordPress plugins to made secure your website

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Security is one of the most important things when you have to create a website. Maybe you think that if you have a personal blog there is no reason to be worry about security issues, but you are wrong. Security is always a big issue to have in your mind. There is no reason why you should not be worry about your website since day 0.

And if you use WordPress as your platform, there are free plugins that can help you to make your website secure and without have any cost, plugins are totally free. In these article we are going to analyze 7 plugins that can help you to improve your website’s security.

The most complete plugin is iThemes Security (Better WP Security). This WordPress plugin has some important functions and characteristics, the most important is one that allows you to change and protect the administrator URL in WordPress, including wp-login.php and wp-admin, among others; also you can delete error messages at the login and have some suggestions to improve the security in WordPress.

BackupBuddy is from the same developers of iThemes Security and is the perfect solution for creating backups automatically. WordPress also allows you to restore and migrate all data to another domain or installation in a very simple way.

Duo Two Factor Authentication is another WordPress plugin that is very helpful, because once that the user log in to your website, the plugin will ask for another password to verify the identity, so you will be sure that all the users that login to your website are real and no one outside your company can hack your website.

Another WordPress plugin is Wordfence Security, offers security to your company for free and helps on two main fronts: Prevent your site from being infected by malware or virus and detect if it what has infected and immediately take action and eliminate the problem.

Limit Login Attempts set a maximum number of attempts in which a user can log in to WordPress. When the maximum is reached, the device's IP is blocked and this prevents or massive brute-force attacks.

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration is a new plugin. With this very helpful WordPress plugin we can make manual or automatic services such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox and Rackspace, via FTP, SFTP, email and more "backups". There is a paid version also with others services included.

The last one that we are going to recommend is Sucuri Security, a service that helps remove all types of viruses, malware or hacked problem of a site within a few hours. You can scan, make audits and strengthen security on several fronts.

This WordPress plugins are the best that you find and all have websites, check it to see which one is the best for your site!

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How to Make Your Website Look Good

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websites    Humans rely heavily on visual and aesthetic elements of an object, and websites are no different. Software developers want to have the best look for their sites while the visitors also pick only the best looking online destinations and visit them on a regular basis. So, it’s all about the looks! At least, it seems that way…Of course, we all know that good looking things are not necessarily the best things, and we often have to dig deeper to discover the true value of a certain thing or a person. This can also be applied to websites since they are much more than “meets the eye” and there is a lot going on underneath that smooth and shiny interface. However, not all people are capable of seeing those inner mechanisms, nor they want to see them, and they satisfy themselves by dividing websites into two categories: good looking and not good looking.


Having that in mind, we can start to wonder how we can make our websites good looking and is there some kind of formula that can make our blog or portfolio attractive and special? Well, the answer is no, since no magical formula will turn your site into a Mecca for all internet users, but there are certain tips which can make your website attractive to your target audience and which can significantly increase the number of visits to your site. Naturally, those instructions are worthless if you do not have that “artistic vibe” incorporated into your mind and soul, and if you cannot successfully recognize which elements complement each other and which do not go along.

icontexto-inside-wordpressFirst of all, when creating a website you should choose WordPress since this content management software (CMS) is extremely popular for a reason, and the reason being the great versatility of the system and the fact that even beginners can easily use it to create amazing websites. WordPress is a system that allows a lot of customizations to the looks and performances of your site, and this is also something that attracts users worldwide. According to a recent count, over 60 million websites in the world are created with WordPress, and this number pretty much speaks for itself.

After you choose WordPress, you need to choose the layout for your page, and this is done by choosing one of WordPress templates or themes. There are over 2.500 themes available in the WordPress repository, and if you do not like any of these WordPress templates you can always opt for a third-party solution. But, new designs are coming out as we speak, and you will surely fall in love with one of those designs. After you choose the one you like, you can still add your personal touch to your site since WordPress allows for easy customization and you can completely alter your websites’ appearance with just a few clicks. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can change colors, logos, background, create or remove sliders, and many other things, i.e. you can do anything you want to make your website look good.

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