Disadvantages of using free WordPress themes

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Thanks to designers and developers around the world, there are hundreds of free themes on the Internet for WordPress websites. If free. They do not cost a dime.

These themes are most useful for sites that are just starting and belong to projects with a limited budget, but although they have many advantages, they also bring problems and create limitations.

Problems related to free WordPress themes

Bad programming – many free themes are developed without much care or quality as a priority, which is why they may have many flaws and problems in their code.

Poor originality and customization – it is possible that hundreds of users already have that same theme in their WordPress installation. And maybe your site will not be unique. It is also very common not to find too many options to customize the theme to different points of views in aesthetics and structure is concerned.

Unsupported – The premium themes, being a paid product, include technical support and assistance for the installation and management of themes. However, rarely offer this service is for free themes.

Vulnerability – the fact that many of free themes are not a professional product and quality maybe are not the best, they are vulnerable to attacks, viruses or hackers.

No updates – one of the benefits of WordPress is his constant update and improvements that are made to the platform, plugins and themes regularly. However, with free themes rarely we see developers care about updating their designs and templates.

Free vs. Premium Themes: The Best Decision

If you have a perspective on what are the free themes, their advantages and disadvantages, come the inevitable question. What should I use a premium or free theme?

If you are given the opportunity to invest in a premium theme, do it. You will get a better structure, support, customization options, design, safety and more.

If you definitely cannot buy a theme, then it begins with a free one, as you can do the update to buy one premium. When choosing your free theme makes sure, you buy the theme to a developer with a good reputation and reviews from users who already have experience with it.

Where to find free themes?

There are numerous sites, like the official WordPress theme directory, where you will find a large selection of designs courtesy of WordPress.

Woothemes: Although its main focus is to sell premium themes, also it offers some free options of excellent quality.

Themify: Another large catalog of WordPress themes including some free depicting a very good choice.

Google: Search on Google find hundreds of links to download free themes. Just keep in mind the advice to choose the best way.

Top Premium WordPress

If you can pay for a theme, you also have to choose it wisely. There is a list of websites to find Top Premium WordPress themes:

StudioPress – Modern designs based on the Genesis Framework

Woothemes – Variety and quality in one place. It never fails.

Elegant Themes – Large catalog and full access for only $ 39.99 USD.

ThemeForest – very affordable unlimited options.

Kolakube – Unique designs based Thesis 2.0

The design and appearance in WordPress are one of the top priorities for any project on the web. 

Many developers and webmaster recommend always to choose a theme that fits what you need, that meets your preferences and aesthetic design, if you buy a good quality theme then you don't have problems or security issues.

If it is a free theme, go ahead. Try it. If you need one premium, it will be one of the best investments you can do. Everything depends on the user and the decisions that make. The highest recommendation is choosing a paid theme, but if all that you need is a free one. Then there is no need to overspend. 

Remember, the final decision is in your hands.

The most interesting and more fun of the Internet is that you can do all the tests you want, try new paths, try new plugins, themes and everything you want. WordPress is excellent for having this great flexibility. Makes the most of this benefit.