Basic tips to improve your security in WordPress

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016 in Plugins | Comments Off on Basic tips to improve your security in WordPress

Security is a very important issue for any website, however, a lot of users ignore this issue when managing their blogs or web pages.

Many users only pay attention to security when the site has been attacked or hacked, and instead of waiting for the worst to happen, it is good to take action from the beginning and avoid problems.

If you choose to install WordPress on your website, here are some essential safety tips. Implement them today and your site will be much more secure.

1. Change the username "admin"

In some ways, to install WordPress, the user to enter the main Dashboard always is "admin". Hackers and people who attack WordPress installations have a much easier job when the blog user is "admin".

That is why it is the best idea is to change the "admin" user to another more difficult to guess. This can easily be done in the section “Users”, click on "Add New” and then create the user admin with a different name.

After this removes the user “admin”. WordPress will ask if you want to delete user posts or assign them to another user. Make sure that you assign to the new user that you created (unless you want to delete already published posts).

2. Secured password

When you install WordPress or even if it is installed, creates a secure and sophisticated password with numbers, letters, capital letters, etc. Write it down if you can remember complicated passwords, but after several logins sure you're going to easily learn it.

3. Add your site to Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster is a Google service that informs you about the status of your site or blog in different areas, such as indexing, impressions in the search, main rankings, how many pages you have indexed, errors on your website and more.

And more important, if there is any attack or something is not working normally on your web page, Webmaster Google notifies you quickly. You might not be notified of all errors, but it can be helpful.

4. Security Plugins

You do not have to forget to install since day 1 a top security plugin to your website. Some of the most recommend are:

  • iThemes Security
  • WP Login Security
  • Attempts Limit Logins
  • WordPress Firewall 2
  • Google Drive for WordPress
  • WP Security Scan

These are some of the WordPress security plugins that you can install on your website to have more security and protection every day.

5. Backup

It is important to make a backup of our site frequently. It may be once a week, once every 15 days or once a month. The frequency is up to you, but do not forget it, because you will always have a backup copy of your site.

"Google Drive for WordPress" or BackupBuddy plugin are excellent options.

6. Information

Always be aware of what is happening in the world of WordPress, new plugins and developments appear all the time. Remember that WordPress is an open source platform, so there are thousands of developers and experts designing plugins, themes and innovating every day.

By applying these 6 safety tips for your website can be secure and will be much less likely to suffer an attack. And if something happens, you can take action and recover all your data from your backup.