3 WordPress plugins for social media

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Knows the best plugins that you can use with your WordPress, very useful tools for sharing on social networks.

1. Tweet Old Posts

Extremely useful for Twitter’s users and reuse content from your blog to attract new visitors and retain your followers. How does it work? Very easy, this WordPress Plugin gives you the ability to automatically publish your old posts on Twitter. This way you get your articles reach people who have not read the content of your blog before.

Caution! Caution! Danger! Do not abuse of this WordPress Plugin if you do not want to look like a robot. You know, if you are a Community Manager: great power requires great responsibility!

2. DigDig

This WordPress plugin allows you to add a slider bar next to the articles for your readers to share content on social networks. But … if there are hundreds of WordPress plugins like this, why digdig?

This plugin allows you to have a sidebar to the left of your text to reach easily the social buttons, and as you slide the mouse bar reminding you to share what you are reading also moves.

Besides the buttons on the sidebar, you can also add buttons elsewhere in the article. This is very useful because you can place buttons at the end of each article or extract (2 very good locations to encourage your readers to share).

It's simple to set up and the options panel supports different options and features buttons for most social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

3. Social Traffic PopUp

If you have content that brings much value to your users this plugin is a mine to move it in social networks. It allows you to place a PopUp so that each time a user reaches one of the relevant pages of your site have to share it on social networks before reading.

At first, you may think that is somewhat intrusive for your users, but I can assure you actually causing a snowball effect:

A Twitter’s lover shares your content with their followers.

The followers coming to your blog (with PopUp) are already predisposed to share your content without reading it before, as it has been recommended by a friend.

The snowball starts rolling as they turn recommend to their own followers, and so on to world domination…

Despite is not a free plugin, the cost returns to you in a couple of hours, and you get significantly increase the spread of your content on social networks. In short, Highly recommended!

These are three of the best plugins that WordPress offers share your content on social networks. Try them and use the one that best suits your needs!